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Trade Street Advisors, LLC (Trade Street) is a provider of financial advisory and analytical services to asset managers, issuers of debt/equity and lending institutions. We are a trusted advisor to institutions, large multinational corporations, middle-market companies, and governmental agencies in the areas of finance, strategy and risk management.

We consistently deliver excellence and exceed our clients’ expectations as a result of our commitment to:


Senior members of the Trade Street team possess insights and deep transactional knowledge gained from having between 15 and 30 years of professional experience each.

In-Depth Market Knowledge

Trade Street provides its clients with in-depth market color commentary derived from proprietary research as well as its extensive relationships with trading desks, investors and other market participants.

Transparent, Scalable Models

Trade Street's proprietary models are robust, scalable, and auditable and employ dynamic multivariate approaches. However, its models are not black boxes. We strive to provide transparency as it relates to our methodologies, inputs and key pricing assumptions. Data privacy is a primary focus.

Unbiased Opinions

Because we are not an investor, we can provide unbiased reviews, analysis and risk management support to our clients.

Trade Street Advisors is a Minority Business Enterprise.

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We currently provide monthly and quarterly valuations on hundreds of thousands of illiquid assets valued in excess of $50 billion.

Our senior quantitative finance professionals each have between 25 and 30 years of experience in quantitative analytics/modeling, trading, loan and securities pricing, econometrics, model validation, application of statistical methods and portfolio analysis.

We have performed more than 5,000 error-free pre- and post-closing multifamily and commercial loan file quality control reviews.

Our senior compliance services professionals each have between 10 and 27 years of experience in real estate, insurance, law and audit/compliance.



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27 Years



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Due Diligence, Financial Analysis & Third Party Valuation

Due diligence, analysis, valuation and risk review of securities and loan-based assets

Surveillance & Monitoring/Compliance

Regulatory compliance and QC audits/reviews, portfolio monitoring and ongoing risk analysis

Analytical Modeling

Risk modeling, loan scoring, bond pricing, stratification reports, cash flow modeling
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Founded in 2009, Trade Street Advisors has employees and associates located in Charlotte, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.
Firm Leadership

Nigel Long
Founder/Senior Managing Director

Nigel Long is the founder and Senior Managing Director of Trade Street Advisors, LLC, an advisory-focused investment banking firm with associates in Charlotte, Washington DC, Chicago, and New York. Trade Street performs valuations of over $50 billion monthly of illiquid securities and derivatives, including valuations of hundreds of companies per year. Nigel oversees all aspects of the firm's development, operations, and strategic initiatives. He has over 25 years of experience advising on complex financial transactions involving debt and equity finance, investment, and analysis.
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Leonard Mills, PhD
Quantitative Finance/Modeling

Leonard “Len” Mills is responsible for modeling and valuation of highly complex financial assets/derivatives, model testing and validation. He leads a team of senior finance professionals who manage and support Trade Street’s Securities/Illiquid Asset Valuation and Analytical Modeling practices.

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Arthur Hilliard
Market Intelligence/Research

Arthur “Art” Hilliard brings more than 29 years of mortgage industry experience to his role at Trade Street Advisors, LLC, where he oversees market intelligence, development of monthly market reports, and compilation of yields, forward rates, spreads, and relevant pricing data.

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Anitra Green
Compliance/Quality Control

Anitra Green is head of Compliance and Quality Control Services at Trade Street Advisors LLC. She leads a team of professionals who each possess between 10 and 27 years of experience in real-estate, insurance, audit, mortgage servicing and compliance.

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Trade Street Advisors, LLC

Helping you manage and analyze complex financial assets
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